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Munoz Diaz

Lighting / Lighting Design

Gonzalo Muñoz Díaz

Gonzalo Muñoz Díaz was born in Iquique, Tarapacá Region, Chile from where he migrated for his studies at the age of 17 to the province of Concepción, it is there where he begins his incursion into the Performing Arts from the area of dance, exploring different dance and martial arts languages.


After 4 years he decided to migrate again to Santiago de Chile, to begin professional studies at the Academy of Christian Humanism University, which at that time had an agreement with the Spiral Dance Center. During this period he began to venture into different technical aspects in relation to scenic assemblies, specifically to Luminotecnia, carrying out parallel studies thanks to projects promoted by Tramados and ADTRES.


Developing both in the technique and realization, as well as in the design of scenic lighting, he is called to work with dance companies with extensive experience in Chile, such as the company Danza en Cruz, and the company Movimiento, as well as with national and international choreographers, touring in different cultural spaces of the Country, theaters, cultural centers, as well as in educational centers and unconventional spaces.


2021 - Until now

Oxymoro Company


Makina Two Collective


Zur Vertex Collective




Cross Dance Company


Movement Company

Contemporary Dance; technical development, artistic creation and festival production.

Design and realization of Lighting of the work

"Auge y Caída del Ruiseñor" directed by Patricio Pimienta, premiered at Centro Gabriela Mistral GAM.

Technical Direction of the Fourth Contemporary Dance Festival 53°70° in the City of Punta Arenas.

As well as in its previous versions. In collaboration with different national and international contemporary dance companies.

Design and Realization of Lighting piece

"La Silenciosa Huella" creation of the national choreographer Martín Andrade.

Design and Realization of Lighting piece "Indio Pavez" directed by Pablo Zamorano. Work of contemporary dance, theater, music, archive and memory with which they have itinerated through different theaters of the Metropolitan Region.

Lighting design of piece "The Sands of Time" creation directed by Claude Brumachon and Benjaman Lamarche.

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