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Paula Hofmann



Born in Valdivia, southern Chile. At the age of 19, with the engine of exploring the performing arts, she studied Acting at the Duoc UC Professional Institute. The training of the institute was nourished by different disciplines, following an attraction towards somatic research in movement, theater, physical theater, music and contemporary dance.

In the approach to contemporary dance she has cooperated with artists such as Astrid Boons (Belgium), Contact and improvisation with Kirstie Simson (UK), Renata Keller (Switzerland), and contemporary dance with Linda Lehovec (USA). She has trained other dance practices and rituals with the connection of the body as a channel of deep and sensitive spaces, which she later developed in greater depth with the Butoh Dance with Eugenia Vargas (Mexico), Makiko Tominaga (Japan), and Francisca Tuñon (Chile).

Her first tour as an actress was at Binghamton University (New York, USA. UU) in 2013. That same year she joined the theater company CUERPOLÍMITE, with whom he worked deeply on physical work for 5 years with the play BUNKER, AMANS participating in different international festivals. In 2015 she began her work with José Luis Vidal (Chile) and company. Today she is part of the Board of Directors of the Centro Manna Foundation. She is also part of the Colectivo Artes vivas Comunidad Escénica, as assistant director in the Ensemble Company, directed by Alan Ibañez. She also carries out her first cooperations with Oxymoro Company.


2021 - Until now

Oxymoro Company

2020 - Until now

Thaaña Kaaya Bhavanaa School and Company

2017 - Until now

Señoras con Estilo

2019 - Present

Musical Theater and Cinema

2017 - 2019


2015 - 2019

Jose Vidal and Cia.

In August She joined the company for the theoretical research for the Project Pensamiento de Mierda

She gets part of the board managing

She gets part of the Proyect

Musical "La Pérgola de las Flores" at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center and Las Condes Municipal Theater.

Actres in the Film "Ema" (2019) by Pablo Larraín, "Héctor" (2019) Short film by Victoria Giesen.

"23 Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre" (Egypt), September 2016.

GUMI Asia Theather Festival (South Korea), September 2017.

Best Performance with the play BUNKER at "12 International Festival of Liberal Theater" (Jordan), 2017.

CuerpolíMITE Theater Cycle, with the play BUNKER and AMANS at the Teatro Principal Matucana 100 (Chile) in 2018.

"Amans" at the Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Cádiz (FIT), (2018).

Outstanding pieces by José Vidal and cia. Tramas (2016), Dos Mil Doce (2017) and Rito de Primavera at the Santiago a Mil Festival (Chile), 2015. ESSAY in Matucana 100, (2018).

Festival Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik (Hamburg) in 2018; and "EMERGENZ" at Kampnagel I.K. 2019.

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