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Compañía Oxymoro is a contemporary dance company. In their creative works they  cooperate with other disciplines: music, cinema, costume design and anthropology. In their creations, they have been inspired by sources of natural and social order; landscapes, public policies, ancient cultures, urban life, etc

( D E S P I E R T A )

At the beginning and at the end

my heart beats

I want to feel it beating

There, at the exact point where it hurts

Where  you feel fear

There lies the truth, to redeem yourself
Wake up, wake up....

Change comes from killing your Ego
Kill it, so that it may be reborn, free again
So that you can return once more,

 back to the beginning

Wake up... Wake up



Υ∆ΩΡ (Idor) means water in ancient Greek. The piece is a pilgrimage of the
water, a ritual moment in which the Compañia Oxymoro consecrates itself to this
element to clean the body. It takes as its first inspirations some components of
Ancient Greece, its goldsmithing, the ancient architecture and figures of the Greek
mythology. However, this piece can be presented in different territories, dialoguing
with their ancestral cultures and their relationship with the water.




TWO deals with relationships, codependency and communication. The
movement language is unique and characteristic done by the renowned
choreographer Sita Ostheimer, the piece travels through a hilarious physical
narratives while expressing a wide range of emotions.

TWO 2 � Rona Lane.jpg
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