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Nunez Ulloa

Director - Producer


 Fernando Núñez Ulloa began his path in dance with the Artistic Vocation Unit of the University of Santiago de Chile, while he was studying 4th year of Civil Engineering. The following year he started a project called Movimiento Espacio Cuerpo (MEC).


In 2019, he takes a piece to the Contemporary Dance Festival Next to the
River in Valdivia, and cooperates in a piece composed for the Festival Danza en Emergencia in Santiago.


In 2020 he joined Comunidad Escénica under the direction of Alan Ibáñez and at the end of the same year he began working with Ioanna Kerassopolou on Compañía Oxymoro.


2021 - Until now

Kinisis Festival

2021 - Until now

Compañía Oxymoro

2020 - Until now

Compañía Ensamble

2018 - 2019

Movimiento Espacio Cuerpo

2015 - 2016

Elenco de Danza Experimental USACH

He is General Producer of this international festival. Contributing to the Chilean dance medium to professionalize and reach the Latin American scene.

Contemporary Dance; technical development, artistic creation and festival production.

He enters as an interpreter in the piece “Poblar” for Festival 100 in Un Día, since then he participates in a series of productions and artistic cooperations with Compañía Ensamble, part of Comunidad Escénica, directed by Alan Ibáñez.

He makes a series of artistic interventions in Paseo Bandera and an exhibition of photomontages in the Faculty of Arts of the UAHC. In 2019, he takes a piece to the Festival de Danza Contemporánea Junto al Rio en Valdivia, and cooperates in the creation of a piece for the Festival Danza en Emergencia in Santiago de Chile. 

He begins his dance training in the Experimental Dance Cast. Under the direction of Hiranio Chávez and Peggy Kuruz, he participates in the PolínyZar Ciclo-Carnaval.

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