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Chilean dancer, designer and teacher. After studying Multimedia Communication in Santiago de Chile, he moved to Buenos Aires in 2011 where he began his studies in dance and movement, training with various Argentine and international teachers such as Peter Jasko, Mariela Puyol, Lucas Condro, Mauro Cacciatore and others.

In 2016 he created his own project "Caer Al Vacío" with which he has traveled sharing his works and workshops throughout the Argentine territory as well as Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia.

He has developed as an interpreter, among others with the Company “Una Constante” – Dir. Jesus Guirladi  (Buenos Aires); Company “Ensemble” – Dir. Alan Ibañez; Company “Oxymoro” – Dir. Ioanna Kerasopulou;  Company “Wanakú” – Co Management Federico Luna – Esteban Ortiz (Buenos Aires). In addition, he has participated in creative residences with scenic results with dancers such as Adia Freitas (Brazil), Carlos Ramirez (Colombia) and Francisca Espinoza (Chile), among others.


2022 - Present

Oxymoro Company

2016 - To date

independent teacher

2018 - To date

independent artist


Company Una Constante

In October, he joined the company for the XYPNA revival in the Valparaíso Cultural Park and the CicloAntagonico technical seminar held at Espacio Maestranza.

He has taught classes in different cultural spaces in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

He has developed artistic works in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

Under the direction of Jesús Guiraldi, he tours stages in Argentina and Chile.

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